Friday, September 22, 2017

Freaky Friday

MARLEY:  I wanted to sleep in the clothes drawer, but IZA was in it.
Well, we nap together on TBTs lap, so maybe I could squeeze in.
No, and she wasnt gonna budge an inch ta make it easier.
 So I had ta give up...
I jumped off.  Now TBT is allus trying ta get a good picture of us jumping down from places.  This WOULD have been a purrfect one.  Sharp picture, no blurries.  But no head either, which lookes FREAKY!
 But it all werked out.  TBT opened another drawer.
And we both slept there ALL might!

Thursday, September 21, 2017


Flatcat (above)...  Flatcat and Friend (below)
Friend, snoozing
Thick socks and bony ankle are a sufficient pillow

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Womancat Wensday

AYLA:  I dont remember TBT taking this picture, so I think it means I actally fell asleep sitting up!
Have you ever done that?  TBT says he doesnt think its possible, but if some other kitty has, he'll belief me...

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Talk Like A Pirate Day

One-eye Iza dares ya ta take on me crew, I do...  I'll scupper the lot of ye an drink yer blood(y maries while yer not lookin).  Arr, and steal yer pretzels too!  An them salty peanuts!  Stealin from yer table is my game and I'm the best at it, lubbers...

The crew is here.  I'll chase 'em inta line, get them ecited about some plunder an keelhaul anny wont folla me orders quick and trim!

Monday, September 18, 2017


IZA:  TBT cooked my rabbit for me yesserday!  He said he had to "clean it up" first, so maybe I should go outside and collect some NIP leaves ta go with it.  That sounded like a great idea!

When I got back in, he already had it cut up and in the stew pot.  I couldnt hold the NIP leafs without eating them though.  But he said he had some dried ones and I watched as he added some.
I watched the pot from down on the floor, but it was boring.  So he suggested I go take a nap.  Which sounded great!

After about an hour, I came back in the kitchen and TBT was already cutting off the meat for me.  After it cooled, he gave some pieces to each of us.

I was a bit surprised though.  I dint know a cooked rabbit would taste so much like chicken.  Well, it was still great and I made sure to remind Marley and Ayla that *I* had caught our meal.  They were properly impressed...

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Iza Kitties

IZA:  They joke about it...  When I was young, I thought Possums were other kitties and I wanted ta go out and play with them...
I know better now, they are just big ugly RATS!   But TBT and Ayla never stop kidding me about it.  Here ya can see a tail through my reflection.
Marley and I watched it walk around on the deck fer a while. so today we knew where ta sniff the most.
Then it left.  We waited a while but it dint come back...

BTW, yeah, Brian got it right first about me in the pot cabinet.  I wanted to cook my rabbit.  More about that tomorrow...

Friday, September 15, 2017

Freaky Friday

Caught Another Bunny Day...  Don't read iffen ya don't like that.  We love catching them.

I got this one all by myself!

Yum, yum, yum, yum, yum...  Better than the best canned foods!

Thursday, September 14, 2017

CAR-tooned Thursday

TBT got the car back 2 nights ago,

Image result for suv wrecked gif
They had WAY bigger tools than TBT does! Grounded the gas tank and used a Hydraulic something...   Anyway, he drove it home and brought us STEAKS.

Cool!  Of course we didn't get ALL the steak.  That was way more cow than even the 3 of us could eat.

But he shared a LOT!  Half mebbe.  So we were all good and plumped ...  Us and him...  Lets just say that when IZA is full we are ALL full.  She actually pushed a piece away.

The repair cost a LOT less than he feared.  So we celebrated.

Now we are curious.  How do we damage the car ourselfs next week?  We are saying "next week", cuz we don't want to miss out on the duck and turkey and  tuna the rest of THIS week.  But a real steak is better than the canned cow, ya know?
Marley had his fill and went to pass out  nap...  Iza came back for licks,

We were so stuffed we didn't bother TBT for First Breakfast.  Oh, OK, IZA did...

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Throwback Tuesday

A year ago today...

MARLEY:  I was outside earlier, so this is a good time fer grooming.  I dont know about you, but I like ta start by nibbling through my furs.  I get sticky-seeds and tree dust in my furs a lot and that gets them out.

Then I go with the l-o-n-g tongue-strokes ta get it all smoothed back down an in the right direction.
Of course it helps ta be sitting on yer Bein, so ya can go straight into a nap after...

Monday, September 11, 2017

Mayhem Monday

With all the problems in the world today with hurricanes, earthquakes, and landslides (and recognizing it is also 9-11) there is a place for taking problems with some humor.  This is a bit long but we hope you will bear with us...

You all may have noticed that we talk about how, when TBT has something go wrong with the house, yard, and contents, it it usually weerd. 

A repair to the heat pump fails and TBT tells the repairer they need to come back out "because..." and they say "it cant be that, that never happens", and it IS and it DID".  The kitchen fluorescent light wont come on when the attic gets hot and they "that doesnt happen, your bulbs are burned out", but they arrive because he insists on a ballast replacement and they find he was right because the bulbs werk perfectly in other fixtures. 

The best one was a few years ago when TBT wanted an additional staircase light added at the bottom of the stairs.  OK, this may be tricky.  We have a split-foyer house.  The door is 6' above the lawn.  You go up steps to open it and there is a half flight going down to the basement and a half flight going up to the main floor.  There is a big light at the top, but the bottom of the stairs was dark.  There are 3 switches.  One at the top, one at the middle (the door) and one at the bottom. 

So he had a guy come out to add a light at the bottom, wired to the existing switches so both would come on.  Simple, right?  Wrong.  This is TBT we are talking about.  Nothing is ever that simple.  The electrician guy stood at the bottom switch where he had done the connection and flipped the switch several times.  Both lights came on and both lights went off several times.  Thank, here's your check, goodbye...

Only the next day, he discovered that flipping the OTHER 2 switches made one light come on and the other go off, alternating each time he flipped the switch.  He called the electrician company and they said "that's impossible, cant happen".  Like TBT was making it up?

But they came out and discovered he was right.  The previous electrician had done something really stupid about 3-way switches.  And they wanted to charge him again for the visit.  To save going to small-claims court, TBT finally agreed to pay half.  And wrote nasty things on AngiesList about them.

Well, TBT has topped himself for weerd problems.  Yesterday, he discovered he was nearly out of gas in the car.  He wanted to go to the Safeway 10 miles away today because he had would have had 30 cent per gallon bonuses accumulated.  But he wasnt sure he had enough gas to get there.  So he used the 3 gallons he had in the portable gas can  (for mowers and stuff) and poured it in.  That part was fine; same gas.

Only, when he turned the can up high to get the last of it out, the gas can spout popped further into the car gar tank.

AND STUCK THERE!  It wouldnt come out!  Fortunately, the gas CAN was empty then, so it just sort of hung there while he contemplated the situation... 

Would pulling on the metal spout cause a spark igniting the gas in the car (in the garage, which is in the basement of the house?

Would pulling case the tip of the metal spot to come loose in the car gas tank and cause a problem?

Would it force damage the cars gas filling tube so the cap wouldn't fit?

Most Beins never have to answer these questions...

And of COURSE, it was Sunday and he couldn't call a dealer and ask what to do.  So he looked it up on the internet.  Beins have to add gas from cans often enough, this MUST have happened before.  Apparently not.  Nozzles from certain older gas pumps and gas stations have gotten stuck in some odd capless filler Ford used a decade ago.  Beins have driven away from gas stations with the gas station pump nozzle still in their car.  And plastic gas can tips have come loose and fallen into the car gar tank.

He couldn't find a single case of a metal gas can spout getting stuck in the cars gas filler opening!

The closest he found was about station pump nozzles getting stuck.  One site showed how to use a cut-up plastic bottle to slide it around the nozzle and the pull it out.  Werked great on the video.  An hour of TBT trying that in many ways did not...  Slightly differnt problem apparently, he says.

So TBT unscrewed the gas can spout from the gas can and secured plastic over it with twisties.  Stuffed another plastic bag in around the car gr filler opening and put duct tape in there to keep the bag in place.  It is about as secure as a gas cap. 

He is driving to the dealership 3 miles away as soon as they are open and LEAVING IT THERE until they can fix it.  They have a nice shuttle service and will drive him home and pick him up when the problem is fixed. 

WE are fine.  We have a months worth of canned food in the closet.  TBT is not.  He is out of lettuce.  That was why he was going to the Safeway today to grocery shop.  A day without a good tossed salad makes him cranky. 

We will let you know the end of the story when we learn it ourselfs...

And thanks for reading this long post without pictures.  TBT was just NOT in the mood for processing pictures last night.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Easy Like Sunday

We are relaxing today too.  Me on the ottoman...
Iza on TBTs lap...
 Ayla on the towels next to TBT...
And Iza all hanging loose as a goose in a spruce...
We ran a lot outside yesserday, so we are recovering.  It takes time...

Friday, September 08, 2017

Comment Friday

We are replying to comments today.  Well, we didn't have anny really weerd pictures for "Freaky Friday", and Friday isnt a theme day other than that, so we voted.  4-1 for comments.  Yes there is only 4 of us here, but TBT also asked the mailperson, and she voted "comments".  TBT voted against because it is complicated, but that's HIS problem...  4-1 wins...

1.  About the plate licking:

Megan said  "Except one of you seems to be hogging the plate. Not to mention names, though, Iza (!!!)."

 She got that right. Iza is a pig for gravy and plates.  It is hard ta get a tongue in edgewise around her.

2.  About the blurry paws:

The Swiss Cats said:  "We tried once to look at our paws through Momo's glasses, and they looked like this, MOL ! Purrs"

Brian said:  "Blurry paws means it is nap time!"

Cara n Crew said:  "Alien kitteh paw!"

 That all makes sense.  Looking through eyeglasses can mess up annything, when you can't make yer paws focus, it is probly time fer bed, and those might be alien paws copied over mine!  (Marley)

3.  The Thursday Squeezing got a lot of good comments:

The Celestial Kitties said "Just remember sweetie, you never really wanted to go under there anyway.."

ATCAD said "Chimera gets under Mommy's chiffarobe,"  We had to look that one up. We learned it was a place for female ladies to place clothes in and we got all embarrassed.  But a neat piece of furniture with drawers to nap in.

Meezer Mews said: "Maybe you need some grease??"  We are pretty sure Iza has enough grease, but it is inside her.  MOL!

4.  Marley Drinking Water:  Lots of comments there too.

Megan said "So, if he doesn't usually drink water, what does he drink instead? Orange juice??"
He gets his water from canned food, but also drinks from the pond outside.

The Swiss Cats said "Did you run out of whisky ? Purrs"
We think he is more a gin and tonic guy.  He sniffs TBTs Gin Buck every night but does not partake.

Mickey's Musing said "He is a sneak drinker is he"
He might be.  TBT sometimes hears lapping when Iza and Ayla is in bed. He might think it is HIS LITTLE SECRET time.

15 and Meowing said "That is funny. Maybe he needs a water fountain."
We have tried those.  Iza likes to knock them over, so that doesn't work here. 

Memories Of Eric And Flynn said "Eric and Flynn always drank a lot of water right from when they were kittens. Their favourite was from the bath tap or rainwater in a big dish outdoors."
Rainwater is good.  We all drink from clean puddles outside.

5.  The Bedtime Parade:

The Island Cats said "That's quite the routine you all have. Too bad there's no photographic evidence of the parade."

We have a little routine here.  We all follow TBT to the bedroom after the midnight meal and he opens the covers for anny of us who want to get covered at once.  THEN he remembers the camera is in the kitchen (where it is "normally" convenient)  and brings it to the bedroom for anny good sleepy pictures.   With it close at paw hand he gets night shots of us sometimes.

The parade is high on his TO GET list.  Of course, we won't cooperate NOW.   Thwarting TBT is a hobby of ours.

Hope you enjoyed our "replies to comments".

Thursday, September 07, 2017

Garden Tour

MARLEY:  I am doing the Garden Tour today.  Thanks fer coming along.  Ayla is guarding the door while Iza stays inside to make the after-tour snacks...

I like to take the wider view of the yard, and there are LOTS ND LOTS!  And I like the veggie garden too, so there are even more of the LOTS!  So let's take some looks...

You may see Hummingbirds if you look carefully.  Like these females resting from feeding at the Salvias next to them.
The Salvia and Marigold planters are doing well.  We have had a lot of rain and they appreciate it.
If you sit still just a couple minutes, the hummingbirds will sit close.  We are not a threat to them, but they dont like sudden movement.
See how they watch us closely?
These are their favorite flowers I think.  
But I wont ask you to sit still fer long!  Here is the volunteer collossal marigold.  TBT is saving seeds from it.
This is a view of the deck rail planter boxes.  From front to back are Venus Fly Traps, a Sweet Basil, and celery plant, and far back, arugula and endive lettuce. 
This is a good way ta see all the Salvia/Marigold planters.
 Iffen you will hop up here on the deck rails, you can see the hanging pots.  They are all leftovers and volunteers TBT saved and used last.  A Salvia and White Zinnias...
 And one of Yellow Zinnias...  We aren't sure where they came from.  It has been a few years since he planted those.
Now into the garden!  TBT has Fall crops growing.  This one has celery, red romaine lettuce, a few Leeks, and green leaf lettuce.
The yard flowerbeds are starting to fade.  There are still some determined ones blooming.
 The Hummingbird/Butterfly/Bee bed is still blooming.  Not many, but it is the 1st year for them. 
Back up on the deck, you can see they dont look like much now.  We are hoping for better next year as some of the perennials bloom.
 This is the Spring Bulb Bed.  TBT covered it with plastic to kill the weeds before he plants more.  We have 300 bulbs arriving in October, and it is easier if the weeds are all dead.  And the existing bulbs like it to be REAL dry in Summer.
OOH!, I forgot part of the garden.  Lets run out there again real quick!   We have cole crops growing.  Broccoli, Brussel Sprouts, Purple Cauliflower, and Dwarf Red Cabbage (who needs a 12 lb cabbage?)
A few tomatoes are growing there too.  
The cucumbers are finally growing.  They started really slow.
The Romano Beans are doing well.  TBT gets a small bowl every other day now.
Another Fall bed.  There are red leaf lettuce in the corner (and they dont get redder than THESE!  There are carrots growing and Spinach just starting.
There are some Mum getting ready to bloom.  3 plants.  TBT says he will move them to the regular flowerbed in late Fall.
 And, finally, there are Snow PPeas growing.  TBT plants them outside and inside a 12 diameter cage.  He says "Stir-Fry"...
Wow, that may have been our longest garden tour EVER!

So lets sit on the lawn in the shade and see what Iza and TBT have been preparing.

Ooh, crumbled bacon bits mixed with some cream,  some crushed sardines from the Bein cans (better than OUR cans of it),  minced poached Turkey, Niptinis (with our own Fresh Nip), and some turkey broth in bowls.  Wow!  They did good.

Enjoy, my friends.

We thank you for coming along on our Garden Tour this week!